Week 0 – Summary.

  • Recovery after nationals getting ready for races to mid 2023

Resting HR (week avg): 54

Weight: 87.0 kg (-1.0).

Sleep: > 6.5 hours on 2 of 7 nights

Track sessions: 3 / 5

March 13

Rest day. Stiff, sore and flat.

March 14

Rest day. Body starting to recover.

March 15

Massage. Tight points in left calf and middle of left hamstring.

March 16

Duffy’s Terrigal. Tempo. Snuck in a session before my son’s basketball game at an adjacent venue.

4, 3, 2 * 200m. 35.3 first rep all others untimed. Done from 400 to 200m to stay away from football team training but they seemed to take more space as the session went on.

March 17

Rest day.

March 18

Mingara. Speed endurance. Warm morning.

3 * 145m with 4 min recoveries. Untimed. First 2 good, 3rd was more of a struggle and suffering afterwards. 

March 19

Adcock. Tempo. Unable to do it in the morning so done in later afternoon. Still 32 degrees at 5:30. Resting heart rate up. Hot day and very poor sleep the night before. Original plan for 3 * 3 * 300m.

3 * 300m (?, 57.0, 59.6). Slow walk 100m plus stagger. Could not find a rhythm. 

4 * 200m (?, 35.5, 37.5, 36.0). Walk across diagonal.

Need to get a new stopwatch. Lost the old one and have been making do with a cheap watch and missing plenty of times.