Week 10 – Summary.

  • First road block of the season

Resting HR (week avg): 51

Weight: 89.0 kg (+1.0).

Sleep: > 6.5 hours on 1 of 7 nights

Track sessions: 2 / 5

January 2

Track rest day.

January 3

Mingara. Track night.

Gave myself plenty of warm up time after a day of sitting down for work, and felt good.

100m in with the teens and twenty somethings. Nice tailwind. Lane 8. 11.88. Lane 7 (Kaya) had a great start and I found myself chasing the entire way. Never found a rhythm. 

60m. Half a metre behind early and when transitioning at halfway felt a grab on my left hamstring. Stopped the acceleration and eased off. Minor discomfort when walking around.

Night over. Was racing on track in fast conditions after 5 weeks of grass training a bad decision?

January 4

Adock. Jog to test hamstring. Minor discomfort so I stopped after 2 laps.

Did some slow single leg deadlifts. No issue on way down but could feel it on contraction / way back up. No serious pain.

January 5


January 6

Physio appointment. Minor mid hamstring injury. Given exercises for rehab but should be back to speed in 10 or so days.

January 7

No track
Hamstring rehab.

  • Single leg deadlift. 3 sets of 8 reps done. Left then right side during rest.

January 8

Adcock. Tempo.

6, 6, 4 * 100m using watch for reps (17.5) and rest (35). No hamstring pain at this speed. Struggled to mentally get going and keep going with the session today.

Hamstring rehab.

  • Resisted single leg deadlift. 5 sets of 8 reps done with 3 kg med ball. Left then right side during rest.
  • Hamstring Bridges. 5 sets of 8 reps. Double leg variation.
  • Arabesque hamstring control with ball drop/catch. 2 sets of 10. Left and right.