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Tim Ferriss podcast with LeBron James and Mike Mancias

I’m not a massive basketball fan but I’m well aware of who LeBron James is. This podcast goes for around an hour, but you can safely skip the first 6 or so minutes. As is the Tim Ferriss way the questions skip around a bit, but its an interesting interview. They get into areas like between game recovery, nutrition, leadership, consistency and getting plenty of sleep. You have to admire someone who has been at the top of such a very competitive sport for a long period of time and it seems Mike Mancias (his athletic trainer and recovery specialist) plays his part in this. Much of what they talk about is applicable outside of elite sports to anyone who wants to perform at their best and for an extended period of time.

Podcast episode available at Radio Public.

What or Why

Instead of asking “WHAT should we do to compete?” the questions must be asked “WHY did we start doing WHAT we’re doing in the first place, and WHAT can we do to bring our cause to life considering all the technologies and market opportunities available today?”

Start with Why by Simon Sinek p.51.

I have not finished reading the book and parts of it seem to be like going around in circles with repetitive examples, but this quote stuck out to me. WHY is a question I find myself asking more and more of others these days as we evaluate ideas for products and features. This I often follow up with HOW does this idea support or enhance our core WHY.

It’s Free to be Wrong

Over the years I have read a few Seth Godin books and found them quite insightful, if not sometimes a little long winded. He recently appeared at a 99u event where he took questions from the audience. He covered a number of areas but the quote that stood out to me is, “… it’s free to be wrong.” It was in relation in how he finishes work. Essentially it is the problem that took much perfectionism and you may never release anything. If it’s going somewhere, finish it. Else through it away and move on.

Seth Godin: Keep Making a Ruckus from 99U on Vimeo.

Good to be back on the bike

Now that a couple of my kids are pretty confident on their bikes, I got my act together and purchased a new bike for myself so I can go with them on rides. The bike is nothing over the top but I was not looking to take up road racing.
Today 3 of us did the ride to Gosford and back. The local council has done a good job with the ride around Brisbane Waters and there were plenty of other groups on the track.
I may not be doing much running at the moment, but I can see plenty kms coming up on the bike.

The Extended Back Yard

I took the kids on a walk through our new extended backyard. It’s been pretty dry recently so the leeches are less of a problem, but the ticks are around.
How the previous owners could have treated this beautiful area so badly is beyond me.


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