Week 29 – Summary.

  • A week of good competition and plenty of travelling. Time to freshen up for AMA Champs in Brisbane
  • Good to go to other cities and catch up with other runners I had no seen in a while and meet some new. Talk training, tracks, shoes and not so young bodies.
  • Ran 1 and witnessed 2 national masters records.

Resting HR (week avg): 55

Weight: 90.5 kg (+0.0)

Sleep: > 6.5 hours on 0 of 7 nights

Track sessions: 4 / 5

March 14

Rest day

March 15

Mingara. Kept volume down after runs on Sunday. 3 * 90m. 

March 16

Missed tempo session

March 17

Woden, ACT. Still night. Had been a little rain earlier in the afternoon so the track was not completely dry.

200m. 23.24 (+0.3). Lane 5. Starter quick on the set-go. Ran rough in the first 20-30m but then settled. Missed the AU record again.

60m. 7.35 (+0.4). NEW Australian record. This run felt really good. Starting to feel more power in acceleration.

March 18

Rest / travelling. Watched Almost Famous the previous night so I loaded a playlist with The Who, Jimmy Hendrix and Led Zeppelin.

March 19

Melbourne, Lakeside. Nice daySunny and mid-high 20s. Wind fluctuating.

200m. 23.45 (-1.3). Again struggled in acceleration but finished the race ok.

March 20

Melbourne, Lakeside. Another nice day weather wise.

100m. 11.58 (+0.9).  Perfect start first go but they stopped the race. No false start given. 2nd was very quick on set-go. I was not fully in set.

400m. Did not run. 

60m. 7.40 (-0.5). 5 hour gap after the 100. Feeling fatigue in the legs before the run so I was really happy with the result. 

Long drive back to Sydney. Something For Kate, Jebediah, Nine Inch Nails and Tool.