Week 27 – Summary.

  • Rain playing havoc with track training. Laziness messing with doing alternative work outs

Resting HR (week avg): 54

Weight: 90.0 kg (+0.0)

Sleep: > 6.5 hours on 2 of 7 nights

Track sessions: 2 / 5

February 28

Rest day

March 1

No training – flood watch

March 2


March 3

Mingara. Moments of sunshine.

2 * 3 * 40m with 10m run ins

March 4

Rest day

March 5

Canberra – AIS. First run there since 1990! Drove down and a very early start.

Weather overcast. Weather report was better for Canberra than Illawong but didn’t turn out that way.

60m – 7.34 (+3.2). Light rain had started 10 mins before the race. Felt good in the race. Does not count as a national record due to illegal wind. Only illegal wind reading of the meet.

100m – 11.58 (+1.0). Rain had stopped. A little flat before start as just found out the 60m wind reading. Ok early in the race but fell apart in the last 20 metres.

200m – 23.48 (+0.1). Won the B race. Again light rain started. Ran the bend well and accelerated off it. Finished the race off ok keeping the arms going.

Hell of a drive back with torrential rain.

March 6