Week 34 – Summary.

  • Feeling the effects of training and runs on synthetic. Alternative grass track still very soft in places so need to look at modifications / alternatives
  • Positive of much better sleep week.

Resting HR (week avg): 52

Weight: 89.5 kg (-0.5)

Sleep: > 6.5 hours on 5 of 7 nights

Track sessions: 3 / 5

April 18

Rest day

April 19


Track drying after earlier rain and wind dropping off.

  • 3 * 60m in / out with 6 min rest. Like last week, the 3rd was better than the first.
  • 150 (17.47), 100 (UT), 60 (UT) with full recovery. All runs felt good, especially 100m (pity I messed up clicking start on stopwatch). 60m untimed as I had to change direction slightly with someone walking across my lane near the finish.

April 20

Track rest day

Plank circuit (30/60 secs)

April 21


A little stiff in the early part of warm up but no issues once into drills.

Headwind on straight.

  • 3 * block starts. Lacking spark.
  • Plan for 6 * 120 with 4 minute recoveries at 98% (13.8). With meet on Saturday would do less than 6 depending on how they went.
    • 14.81, UT, UT, 14.85. All off 2-3 steps roll in. None of them were smooth and probably should have stopped at 3.

April 22

Rest day. 

April 23

Jack Giddy Gift Carnival. Sylvania.

Rain cleared and a nice sunny day.

Tight in the upper right hamstring / glute from the drive. All good in warm up.

  • 70m off 5.5m. Back marker in my heat and would have won with another stride. Only heat winners to the final. Won final in 2020 off 11.
  • 100m Masters / novice. Off 3.5m. Backmarker. From the first few steps felt tight in the upper right leg so did not accelerate as hard or long as normal. Last in the race and felt sore in my left Achilles as I slowed down.
  • 300m off 24m. Did not run.

Took a number of breaks from driving on the drive home from discomfort in my upper right hamstring. Gentle massage & rolling when home.

April 24

Very stiff in both lower legs after getting up. Some discomfort in my left Achilles. 

Stationary bike. 5 minutes easy then 10 * (30s mod intensity with 1 min easy), 5 min easy.