Week 4 – Summary.

  • Body is feeling pretty good and still positive about a good 400m time in coming month or so if I can get a meet with good weather.

Resting HR (week avg): 52

Weight: 87.0 kg (+1.0).

Sleep: > 6.5 hours on 2 of 7 nights

Track sessions: 3 / 3

April 10

Adcock. Med ball session.

Med ball Circuit 10 movements each (Med ball slam, Shoulder Press, Overhead circles, wood chopper from left and right, triceps extension). 3 kg ball.

Ab circuit 10 movements each. (Med ball crunch, Plank pass across, Russian twist, Mountain climber – no ball, Med ball hold flutter kicks).

Med ball throws and push ups (10, 15) circuit.

Done in this order and then repeated.

April 11

Rest day

April 12

Mingara. Race modelling.

Split 400m with 2 min rest. Done in 400m go out speed and whatever is left. Run solo and both reps from 2 pace roll in. 23.8 & 26.1. Much too fast on the first run.

Single 200m at 400m go out speed. Again too fast at 23.8.

April 13

Travel day

April 14

Rest day with lots of walking

April 15

Rest day

April 16

VMA Gift Meet, Doncaster.

Weather cold, often wet and windy early. A long day of competition with the program finishing 2 hours late.

A planned 400m record attempt was cancelled as local runners were injured or not ready. Weather would have been against a good time anyway.

200m Landy heat – 1st. 20.81 off 22m (age graded).

110m gift heat – 1st. 12.80 over the full 110m.

1000m Landy heat – Off 110m. Pulled out after 300m.

110m semi – 4th. 12.69. Off 1.75m.

110m final – 6th. 12.68.

400m Landy consolation. 1st, 48.39 off 43m.