It seems a hacker connected with Anonymous, but not as a collective action has turned the lights out on GoDaddy and all the sites that have their domain registered through them.
I still have some domains with GoDaddy and this has had some impact on me, but I see this differently to many other users who have been affected and are expressing their anger at the hacker. This situation should remind us all that the internet is built on some pretty flaky foundations. GoDaddy is the largest regitrar in the world 9at least in .com), but take out their name servers and the impact is widespread.
So quickly a lot of the worlds commerce and communication has become dependant on a system (the internet) that is really quite young, and is still rapidly growing and evolving. Still lots of bumps in the road to come. Today is GoDaddy and they may have been a target becuase of past support for SOPA, but they are not unique and it could easily be another large host tomorrow.