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Another WordPress Update

WordPress has released version 2.2.1. This means another round of updates for sites running older versions that I maintain. This one has security fixes so is a must.
These WordPress updates are starting to get to me. There have been too many in the last 12 months and security fixes have been in most.
And it seems WordPress themes are now a bigger part of the problem.

Ok, whinge over.


  1. Jason

    Much like Windows Updates, I doubt these upgrades are not 100% essential to the well-being of websites everywhere. I still see current sites running WP 1.5 and 2.0.x all over the place. Most of the blogs we visit are likely not even worth the hassle of hacking or disrupting.

    I’m waiting to see how the Habari Project turns out, though. This is a new blogging platform created by users who have some of the same issues, and it looks very promising.

  2. Ernie Leseberg

    Windows updates?? Long left these behind. Come and join Kubuntu land.

    I will look into Habari.

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